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ELITE HEX 2-PAD 3/4 tights
ELITE HEX 2-PAD 3/4 tights ELITE HEX 2-PAD 3/4 tights ELITE HEX 2-PAD 3/4 tights

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ELITE HEX 2-PAD 3/4 tights

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The knees are one of the most injured areas in sports and that is why we have taken extra energy to create the strongest knee brace on the market with HEX!
Combined with breathable 3/4 compression stockings, the player will gain the highest level of support for key muscle groups and advanced on-court protection with maximum confidence in movement.

The perfect closure to minimize the effect of collisions but also to significantly increase your confidence!
Protection of cut surfaces and abrasions
Breathable knit compression keeps you cool while stabilizing and warming muscles to enhance performance.
Helps prevent chafing
Used by top professional basketball athletes, it is also perfect for playing volleyball or handball.

3/4 long tight

3/4 length compression tights for a better fit, coverage and lower body protection against court surfaces and abrasions.

Better fit and comfort

The lightweight and breathable materials allow perfect air permeability, effectively absorb moisture, release sweat and keep you cool and dry.
High stretch stretch fabrics make the pants very comfortable to wear.

Hex technology

If you are always attacking the edge and looking for contact, then padded compression pants will make a big difference.
The HEX protection will minimize the effect of collisions but will also significantly increase your confidence.

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